What is it?

Ledmail is a small mail checking utility that utilises the keyboard leds (caps, num and scroll lock) to indicate when new mail has arrived. The leds are made to flash in an answerphone-like manner to indicate the number of new messages that are present in some mail servers. This can now check POP3 accounts or IMAP accounts.

Each led can be given a separate list of mail servers to poll, and the total new messages on those servers will determine how many times the led will flash.

Creation Story

I dissasembled an old keyboard and took out the small circuit board in the corner and mounted it on my linux firewall/router. I then wrote ledmail and ran it on the firewall so that my two housemates and I could tell when new mail was waiting.


Once upon a time ledmail was created. It was full of bugs and annoyances that have now mostly been fixed. I don't think there are many improvements to still be made, but am still maintaining it if I get any emails.


This software is available under the terms of the GPL, so feel free to download use and distribute!

A full list of versions and downloads can be found here.


I'm sure that there are many little tweaks that are needed to this prgram since I wrote it in 3 days (although I reused the ini reader and set). So if you find a bug, please email me with a description, what ever was outputted to the syslogger (if possible) and with the subject "BUG: {description}".

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